Docs: How to Customize The Project Status on Your HustleBooks Spreadsheet-App

Wondering how to customize the project or job Status column on your Spreadsheet-App? Just watch the video below and we’ll show you.

Or read the rest of this post where we’ll explain step by step.

First, open your HustleBooks Starter or Pro Spreadsheet-App. Don’t have one? No problem.

Your Spreadsheet-App comes with presets that work for most side hustle or small business use cases. But you can fully customize them.

Next, select all the cells in the Status cells below where it says STATUS.

Once you have those selected go to the Data menu and select Data Validation.

On the right-hand side a menu item will appear where you can change the preset values.

  • Add items at the bottom of the list
  • Or edit existing items
  • You can also rearrange items with the drag icon

When you finished your customization hit the Done button to save them.

NOTE: all the cells in the STATUS column may now say Invalid, in red, when you hover over them. This happens if you removed the default value of “Possible Job”.

To fix this simply select the first cell and give it the new value you want to serve as the default (or standard).

Last, hover over the lower right-hand side of the cell, drag the little box that appears down across all the other cells. Google Sheets will use auto-fill to apply that same value to the rest of the cells.

Good work. You’re done.

Thanks for checking out HustleBooks. Be sure to check out our blog for tips on running your side hustle and using spreadsheets to do cool things.

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