The brand

HustleBooks is an alternative accounting solution that empowers side hustlers and small businesses.

We make sheets (spreadsheets) that are simple to use, and yet powerful enough to run your small business.

The products

Are you sick of all these never-ending monthly web software subscriptions everyone is trying to lock you into? So were we. 

Do you want to learn another complicated web software solution? We didn’t think so.

You are strong. You are smart. Obviously, because you’re starting a business. You can run your side hustle or small business with a few sheets. 

We’ve been doing it for years.

We’ve saved thousands of dollars. We’ve just used what we use every day anyway…Google Drive and Google Sheets. You can also use Excel or Numbers if that’s your thing.

Each year we make one copy of Hub to run the books for the year. And then we make one copy of Project for client project, we use them to keep tabs on day-in, day-out work as well as send professional estimates and invoices.

That’s all you need. Two sheets. And you’re good.

Already have an invoice solution that works for you? Then you are good with just Hub.

The founder

I (Joe) have been working on web, video, film and marketing projects for longer than I’d care to say.

Me when I’m not workin’ the pixels

I’ve worked for clients big and small. In 9 countries. Sometimes as a full time employee, other times as a contractor for an agency, and other times as a side hustler.

I used other cloud accounting solutions, but I didn’t like paying for them. Why?

  1. I wasn’t using them year-round. Some seasons of my life I was totally busy with full time employee day-job work, with no time for side hustling for 3 or 6 months at a time. I was paying those monthly subscription costs for nothing.
  2. They were complicated. I can figure just about anything out, but I got sick of logging in to yet another website and doing stuff their way.
  3. I can do it just fine myself. 💪 I’ve always had a knack for freeing up my time by organizing things with sick spreadsheets. I realized that a good sheet is custom software. So I just went all in and made my own simple bookkeeping sheet.

You give spreadsheets a bad name 🎸🎶

Before you think I’m getting too nerdy on you…a word about spreadsheets. They really are a creativity tool. My philosophy is: the more organized you are the more time and freedom you have to be creative.

Sheets have been an essential creative tool on my projects, such as: