Docs: How to Customize Job Numbers on Your HustleBooks Spreadsheet-App

Trying to customize the Project Number column on your Spreadsheet-App? Watch the video below and we’ll show you.

Or, below, read the rest of this post where we’ll explain step by step.

First step? Open your HustleBooks Starter or Pro Spreadsheet-App. Don’t have one? No problem, grab one now:

Why would you do this? It’s important that you keep track of your jobs, projects, and gigs as a side hustler or small business owner. The best way to do that is to assign any job you get a unique number. I use ‘v25-01’.

  • V – Is for the name of my company, Vapor LLC
  • 22 – Is for they year
  • 01 – Means it’s the first job of the year

Select the first cell under “Job #”. Give it the mix of numbers and letters you want it to contain.

Underneath that use the same number, but up the count by one.

Next, select those two cells. Hover over the bottom right-hand side. A little tiny box will appear. Click on that and drag it down to the bottom of your Spreadsheet-App. Google Sheets will use auto-fill to do the rest for you!

Good work. You’re all done.

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