Photo of a woman using a laptop

A Quick and Effective Alternative to Complicated Accounting Software

The best way to run your side hustle (or small biz) finances is on your own terms. Learn to DIY.

Photo of a woman using a laptop

A Quick and Effective Alternative to Complicated Accounting Software

The best way to run your side hustle (or small biz) finances is on your own terms. Learn to DIY.

👍 Proven

Our courses and spreadsheet-apps are the result of 10+ years of running a solo side hustle with minimal expenses, and maximum profit.

💪 Scrappy

You are smart and strong. We’ll show you how to skip the costly cloud software with its endless monthly subscriptions with the power of spreadsheet-apps.

HustleBooks Starter (free)

Learn a streamlined method for running your side hustle accounting in just over five minutes with this free course and spreadsheet-app.

  • Tracking the status of clients and projects/jobs/gigs
  • Monitoring cash flow: expected income, actual income, deposits and payments
  • Getting back to growing your business: scoring new clients and doing the work you love (not your finances)
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HustleBooks Pro

Once your more established, or to lay a more complete groundwork for your business, grab HustleBooks Pro.

With this 23 minute course you’ll develop a complete plan and have customizable spreadsheet-app that can single-handedly run your business finances.

HustleBooks Pro Course Still Frames
  • Track the status of clients and projects/jobs/gigs
  • Monitor cash flow: expected and actual income, deposits, payments, plus expenses
  • Organize and track expenses so you can minimize taxes and keep more of your hard-earned money
  • Log car mileage (you’ll be amazed how fast it adds up, and we make it easy)
  • Send invoices with our included Invoice template
  • Learn our top tips for running your side hustle
Laptop with HustleBooks Pro Spreadsheet and Course On It

Spreadsheets Are Apps

They just don’t cost money each month to use them!

Online apps (or Software as a Service) costs you dozens, or hundreds, of dollars each month.

Purchase our course and Spreadsheet-App once, then customize and use it forever.

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⚠️ Work Offline

If your internet connection goes down. Or if when your accounting solution has an outage (or gets hacked for that matter), you’ll be able to do exactly nothing. HustleBooks spreadsheets can work online or offline. Spotty web connection today? Great day for catching up on the books!

🤑 No Subscriptions

Profit matters. Minimize expenses. Keep more of the money you make from day one.  With a side-hustle, you may not even be actively doing business every month of the year. But you’ll still have to pay those monthly subscriptions with other accounting solutions.

🤯 Unlimited Everything

Most accounting software solutions charge monthly per user and per company. Not HustleBooks. Get unlimited collaborators. Run unlimited separate companies. This is especially great when you are trying out or validating one or more new business ventures!

🎨 Customize All The Things

With other accounting solutions, not only are you paying for access each month, you are also forced to manage your finances their way. Run them your way. You are strong. You know best. You can customize every aspect of our sheets and make them your own. Tailor them to any use case.


We’re keeping it simple. Start for free. Upgrade to Pro when you’re ready. Customize and use either Spreadsheet-App forever.

5 Minute Course
1 Spreadsheet-app instruction module
Spreadsheet-App Basic Features:
Track clients / projects / jobs
Track income (expected and actual)
Track deposits and payments
Get Started For Free
25 Minute Pro Course
5 Spreadsheet-App instruction modules
Business Tips
Spreadsheet-App Advanced Features:
Track clients / projects / jobs
Track income (expected, actual, and taxable)
Track deposits and payments
Track expenses by category
Track car milage
Automated business summary
Other Spreadsheet-Apps Included:
Bonus: Invoice Spreadsheet-App
Bonus: Project Management Spreadsheet-App
Bonus: Timesheet Spreadsheet-App
Go Pro

“I’ve been using a HustleBooks pre-release spreadsheet-app for years. As a creative, it really frees me up to do what I do best – design and serve my clients. It helps my business run smoothly and efficiently. I highly recommend this simple tool for startups, small businesses, and self-employed folks.”

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Carl • Graphic Designer / Owner
Saint Creative

“I’ve received dozens of invoices generated by HustleBooks. They have always been simple and clear. My vendor easily reformatted his HustleBooks invoices to comply with our new automation system. Unlike other vendors, his invoices complied perfectly right away.”

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Jeremy • Senior Director of Marketing
Baker Academic & Brazos Press

Built for Google Sheets

HustleBooks Spreadsheet-Apps are optimized for use with Google Sheets.

You can also use them with Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers.

Google Sheets Logo
Screenshot: HustleBooks Pro Summary Screen

Hustle Smarter

Our course and spreadsheet-app will make managing your side hustle money easy so you can focus on making more of it.

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