Free side hustle spreadsheet

Starting a side hustle?

Already have one?

Today is a good day.

Because you can have our spreadsheet-app called Starter. For free!

No strings attached.

HustleBooks Starter

The most important thing is to start. Start now. Don’t delay another second.

Download this spreadsheet, and then you might be better off doing something else for the rest of today. Go make some money or score a client. Starter will be here when you are ready to manage your finances.

What does Starter do for me?

Use HustleBooks Starter to run the essential aspects of your business finances. There is no barrier. There is no reason not to give this a try.

Keep tabs on projects and clients

First, keep track of potential gigs (projects) or current gigs. Give each project a status like proposal, in progress, billed, paid, and you can add your own.

Follow the money

Second, keep an eye on money paid and money outstanding. Use Starter to keep track of deposits and invoices.

You’re good, for now

That’s all you need to be doing in the early days. Just keep track of your clients or customers and keep tabs on the money. The rest you can figure out later.

The Starter is on us.

So go start!

We will email you a link.
We won’t spam you, we’re too busy.

Yes, we do sell more powerful spreadsheet-apps.

Later on, to keep your finances in order as things get serious, we sell two spreadsheet-apps.

What we don’t sell is never-ending expensive software subscriptions. Forget that. All you need to run a business is a few customizable sheets. We’ve been using these for years. Buy our sheets once, and you can customize and use them however you want year after year.

  • HustleBooks Hub$20 one-time purchase – An expanded version of the Starter with business summary, expense management, mileage tracking and other tools for running your books. It’s everything you need to be ready for tax time.
  • HustleBooks Project$20 one-time purchase – A sheet that generates beautiful professional-looking estimates and automatically turns them into invoices when you are ready. It’s everything you need to manage each gig, project, or client. Impress your clients.
  • You can buy them both bundled together for $36.
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