Are you a creative person doing work on the side? Starting a small business? We can help. Here are some creative hustle downloads.

I’ve been running my own creative side hustle for more that 10 years. I do video production and web development. Today I want to share with you the Spreadsheet-apps I’ve developed to keep the financial side of things organized. This frees me up to focus on the fun and creative work.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. Spreadsheets?

No. Spreadsheet-apps. This is different. I’ve developed some powerful sheets, designed to run on the Google Sheets app. I think spreadsheets are cool. But what I’ve made is something that behaves a bit like a spreadsheet and a bit like desktop app.

Why use these?

Because if you can be more organized, you have more time to be creative.

Don’t like spreadsheets?

  1. Think again, reconsider, they’re more useful and cost-effective than you realize
  2. You don’t need to like (making) them, just use mine

My free creative hustle downloads

Check out my Spreadsheet-apps and see if they can help you organize your side hustle finances. No risk. They are free forever (except for Pro).

HustleBooks Invoice

Software screenshot

There are plenty of ways to make invoices online. Some apps and websites are cool. Others overly complicated. Some overpriced. If you need to make an invoice tah-day, real quick, right now for a client. Boom. Just download a copy of this. No risks.

Hustle Books Starter

Screenshot - HustleBooks Starter - a creative hustle download

HustleBooks Starter is a Spreadsheet-app (plus 5 minute explainer video) that helps you track the most important things when you’re getting a side hustle started: money in, money out, and client projects. Give this a try. You’ll likely find it’s all you need to get started, or all you ever need. No strings attached.

HustleBooks Timesheet

Screenshot: HustleBooks Timesheet

If you bill your clients by the hour, here’s a handy time sheet Spreadsheet-app that I’ve been using for, gosh, almost 10 years. Note: you have to be logged in to your Google Account or create a free account for these Spreadsheet-apps to work. It doesn’t take long to develop the very useful habit of tracking hours so you can bill those clients for as much money as possible…and have the documentation to back everything up.

HustleBooks Pro (not free)

Screenshot: HustleBooks Pro Summary Screen - a creative hustle download

If you like any of these resources, check out HustleBooks Pro. It’s an expanded version of HustleBooks Starter. The Pro Spreadsheet-app features everything Starter offers plus expense tracking, mileage, and a handy automated report page that summarizes your business financials at a quick glance.

Thanks for reading and best of luck out there with your side hustle or small business.

Other resources

Here are some other blog posts I’ve written for other websites over the years with tips for creative side hustlers like you:

Note: some of these EDD blog posts, once updated, which they are periodically, may become attributed to the brilliant Casey Cavanagh; EDD’s new full-time blogger. Just like some that are attributed to me were originally written by the musician and blogger Mandy Jones. Cheers!

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